a new way to experience flamenco in Madrid


Traditional tablaos in Spain, especially in Madrid tend to be very pricey…very touristy…very disappointing…and in very poor taste.
More often than not, these places run based on their history, having a past filled with famous singers and dancers…luring tourists in based on artists that performed there decades ago…nothing to do with the current offerings.
And it is very likely that the food is horrid, the wine is even worse, the prices are outrageous, and there are lots of “supplemental” charges thrown in…

Looking for a new way to experience flamenco?
Juglar x Flamenco offers an intimate, personal and up close show in our small Lavapies concert hall. Only 50 people enter so there are no bad seats…and at 15€ for the show and a drink, you definitely will not feel it in your wallet.


Our performers are all professionals who have spent years working (often in the more “traditional” tablaos) and they come together every Sunday night in Sala Juglar to share their art, good energy and love of flamenco with you.


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