el amor de dios… a flamenco sanctuary

Amor de Dios is the place to be for all aspiring flamenco students from Spain and across the globe. Currently located in the Anton Martin neighbourhood of Madrid, this famous flamenco school has been around for decades, offering the best and greatest variety of flamenco and classical Spanish dance classes to aspiring dancers from all over the world. It is well known in the flamenco community as being the school to train at in Madrid and possibly in all of Spain. So what is it like inside this celebrated sanctuary of flamenco…

Situated on the second floor of the Anton Martin market (yeah, a real typical Spanish marketplace filled with pigs, fish, veggies, fruit…everything you would expect to find in a mercado). And just upstairs is the largest flamenco factory in all of the capital. Opening the doors you are greeted by a somewhat uninviting reception area. There is a board that welcomes students in a chaotic way, filled with dozens of posters of teachers offering their classes. These posters are clustered together, creating a hard to understand mosaic of classes, a mismatch of hours and teachers and levels all inviting the promising students to try their class. There are beginner classes, castanet classes, advanced technique classes, choreography classes with old masters, with young up and coming geniuses…the possibilities are endless.

Heading down the hallways there are numerous doors opening up to studios where these classes are held. There are a variety of sizes depending on the needs of the teacher. Some classes are packed and students can barely see themselves in the mirrors. Others are more intimate, almost private classes with just a handful of students and their teacher.

Classes are not cheap. A typical flamenco class is held every day for one hour and costs approximately 9 euros per class. Most classes are held daily and students pay for a week. The majority of the professional classes are held during the day time with the evenings being reserved for lower levels and other styles, such as ballroom, Latin dance, African, etc. Studios are also rented out for students to rehearse at fairly cheap rates, anywhere from 5 to 20 euros per hour depending on the size.

If you come to Amor de Dios, don’t expect glamour and luxurious studios…you will be in for a surprise. But you will find the most authentic, historically reknowned place to study flamenco or merely immerse yourself in a bit of its energy.

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