Susana Peña

Her flamenco and Spanish dance training took place in Spain’s emblematic Amor de Dios school where she studied under such masters as Merche Esmeralda, Concha Jareño, Pastora Galvan, Nani Paños, Rafael Estevez, David Paniagua, Marco Flores, Alfonso Losa, La Lupi, La Truco, Maria Juncal, Cristobal Reyes and Enrique Pantoja, among others. She complements her flamenco training with classical ballet classes in the Madrid Escuela Mayor de Danza and the Professional Dance Association.

Since 2006, Susana has danced professionally in tablaos and other venues, including the famed Café de Chinitas, El Corral de la Moreria, El Casino de Madrid, El Juglar, El Barco, La Taberna de Antonio Sanchez, La Taberna de Mr. Pinkleton, Conservatorio Casa Patas, El Cortijo (Germany), Teatro Municipal Caracas, Celarg and Teatro Humbolt.

She has worked as a teacher and choreographer in Japan in 2012 and 2013 in the cities of Osaka and Fukuoka.

Isis Santiago

Isis began studying ballet in the school of Lola Grande at the age of ten and began studying classical Spanish dance in the schools of Rafael de Cordoba and the academy of Marta de la Vega.

She continued to study in Granada with different local artists such as Luis de Luis and studied under the direction of Mario Maya for two years in a course, Flamenco on Stage, where she took part in variety of dance and theatrical disciplines with top artists and teachers such as Mercedes Ruiz, Belen Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, Alejandro Granados and Lola Greco.

Five years later, she began to study in Madrid in the famed Amor de Dios, with such masters as Manuel Liñan, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, Concha Jareño and David Paniagua. She also continues to study ballet, Classical Spanish and contemporary dance.

She began teaching flamenco classes in the school of Carmen de las Cuevas in Granada and began dancing in various venues in Granada such as the Centro de Interpretacion de Sacramonte and the tablao Los Tarantos. In Madrid she teaches classes in a variety of dance disciplines in several cultural centres and schools.

Isis dances in El Juglar, El Barco and the alternative venue: Tribu-eñe. She performed with the company of Selene Muñoz in Cartas de Amor, dancing in the Sala Pradillo and in the Suma Flamenco festival.

She also has worked with different groups travelling across Spain in to other countries such as Lebanon, Brussels, Stuttgart and Verona.

For the past years, she has been a guest teacher in the schools Pera Dance and Flamenqueria in Istanbul and Moscow.


Jennifer Benavides

Since 2006, Jennifer has been a dancer at the well-known Madrid flamenco tablao, Torres Bermejas, where thousands of tourists go to see traditional flamenco every year.

She has also danced in other Madrid tablaos, including Cafe de Chinitas and Arcos de Cuchilleros.

Currently, Jennifer is a member of the flamenco company of Inmaculada Ortega, “Aroma Flamenco”, performing across Spain in distinct shows directed by this great dancer and choreographer from Jerez de la Frontera. In 2012-2013, she had  leading role in the show “Me Olvide de Ti, Alzhéimer” (I’ve forgotten you Alzheimer’s) presented across various theaters of the Madrid Community.

In 2010 she danced with the New York based company of Carlota Santana, Flamenco Vivo, in a production of  Bailaor/Bailaora in Symphony Space theater in  Manhattan with renowned guest artists Angel Muñoz and Charo Espino.

She has danced in the Palao de la Música in Barcelona in 2008 with the company of Joaquín Ruiz, renowned dancer and choreographer.

In 2004, she danced with the Swiss company Flamencos en Route in a production of Carmen performed in the well known Avenche Opera Festival. In 2003, she performed with the company of Manuel Reyes in a flamenco show held in Kitakyushu Japan.

In addition to dancing in tablaos and with companies, Jennifer has worked as a flamenco teacher in Japan, travelling to this country five times to teach in the famed “Spainkikaku” schools of Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka.