The male flamenco dancer


The male flamenco dancer is a species of its own…strength, masculinity, forcefulness, elegance, temperment. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when witnessing a man dance flamenco. Although there are certainly years of training in a wide variety of dance disciplies, the flamenco male prides himself on appearing fierce, wild, almost out of control…It is typical for sweat to fly off their hair, for their jackets or vests to be pulled off by the end of the dance, for their forceful zapateado to almost hurt the ears with its powerful sound.

While we associate flamenco with flowing skirts and flowers, there is definitely something unexpected and enticing when witnessing a male dancer let loose on stage. At Sala Juglar in Madrid, there are often two female dancers and one male dancer completing the Sunday night show. Enjoy the fierceness and the power.

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