where to eat in Lavapies?

lavapies streets

Looking for multi-cultural dining in Madrid. Come to Lavapies and you will have more than a few places to choose from. Whether it’s Indian, vegetarian, Moroccan, Italian or traditional Spanish…Lavapies is the place to go if you are looking to feast in the city’s most international neighbourhood. Check out these websites for some specific spots that you can’t miss on your next trip to Madrid, especially if you are tired of Spanish omelettes and chorizo:

Naked Madrid

Madrid Chow

Trip Advisor

And the best thing about Lavapies is that this is not a pricey, touristy neighbourhood where you will have to rake out 30€ for a meal. Here, most restaurants are quite inexpensive. So come on down and check out the best place for a tikka masala, some sweet and sour chicken or an Italian gelatto. There’s more to Lavapies than you thought…

And if yuo are vegan, there are a lot of possibilitys, we love La Oveja Negra

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